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Top 50 BTS-Inspired Quotes For Army | Quotefullife

BTS taking over the world today. Literally, 80% of the world knows them. They are making a change in the world with their music. Comforting the youth with their music. They are someone to be inspired by. So here I am with a new collection of BTS-inspired quotes, for all the ARMYs. If we live fast, let us die young. - Kim Taehyung When things are too tough, I think of the faces who I love and who love me, like you. - Kim Namjoon You might feel worthless but that doesn't change the fact that you are someone else's gem. We live in a cruel world where they remember winners only.- Kim Seokjin Changes are inevitable to everyone, it's just a matter of how we change. -Min Yoongi For a person who is lost in past, there is no future.  People always change. -Kim Namjoon Nothing lasts forever. -Min Yoongi I think there's no need to live your life based on the standards of others. -Kim Namjoon Since the creation of the

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