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BTS taking over the world today. Literally, 80% of the world knows them. They are making a change in the world with their music. Comforting the youth with their music. They are someone to be inspired by.

So here I am with a new collection of BTS-inspired quotes, for all the ARMYs.

  1. If we live fast, let us die young. - Kim Taehyung
  2. When things are too tough, I think of the faces who I love and who love me, like you. - Kim Namjoon
  3. You might feel worthless but that doesn't change the fact that you are someone else's gem.
  4. We live in a cruel world where they remember winners only.- Kim Seokjin
  5. Changes are inevitable to everyone, it's just a matter of how we change. -Min Yoongi
  6. For a person who is lost in past, there is no future. 
  7. People always change. -Kim Namjoon
  8. Nothing lasts forever. -Min Yoongi
  9. I think there's no need to live your life based on the standards of others. -Kim Namjoon
  10. Since the creation of the universe, everything is destined.

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  1. People succeed when others say negative things.
  2. Don't abandon your dreams, the rainbow is still rising.
  3. If it's meant to be, it'll be.
  4. Things don't happen without any reason, they happen to teach you something.
  5. One day I'll lose my six flowers and millions of butterflies.
  6. Beautiful faces are everywhere, but beautiful hearts are hard to find.
  7. Like the endless waves, our possibilities are infinite.
  8. Every choice you make is the beginning of change.
  9. And like the moon, we must go through the phrases of emptiness to feel full again.
  10. We gonna touch the sky fore the day we die.

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  1. I am not good at speaking English but, I can love you.
  2. Don't let your dreams just be dreams.
  3. I don't care who loves me or who hates me, I love myself and that's enough for me.
  4. Because of some certain people, don't become someone you weren't meant to be.
  5. The past was honestly the best.
  6. Some people are beautiful. not in looks or not in what they say. Just the way they are,
  7. I don't know about the hardest word but the easiest is "I love you".
  8. Never give up on the dreams that you've been chasing for almost your life.
  9. I like to be alone but sometimes, I just want someone to hold my hands.
  10. I am the person who made me what I am now, and what I'll be soon.

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  1. Make someone smile every day, but never forget you are someone too.
  2. Let it hurt, let it bleed, let it heal, but don't make it a need.
  3. I want to show an extremely dark and raw side.
  4. You mean a lot to me, I hope you know that.
  5. Without you, the ocean will be just a desert.
  6. I wish I met some people a little earlier, some a little later, and some never.
  7. I know you are having a hard time but please don't lose yourself.
  8. If you have a chance to make someone happy, just do it.
  9. Please love yourself, use me to love yourself.
  10. I hope you have the courage to heal yourself, even when it hurts.

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  1. I wanna be loved by you, only you.
  2. Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed.
  3. You are so deeply capable of doing
  4. You only get one chance of falling in love with your heart still whole.
  5. You deserve to be someone's favorite thing.
  6. Trust the magic of new beginnings.
  7. Effort makes you. You'll regret it someday if you don't do your best now.
  8. Change the world by being yourself.
  9. We stand together as bulletproof.
  10. My universe, my home: Bangtan <3

The best is yet to come!!!

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Hope you enjoyed these quotes. Which one was your favorite one? Leave a comment to tell us in the comment section below, we’ll love to hear that.

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